Episode 150 – Our 150th Episode; A Look at Our Favorites!

Just under three years ago we collaborated on an idea that started with lots of stress, but has ended up becoming a hobby and has brought us lots of joy and learning opportunities!  Today we each talk about our top five favorite episodes after 150 episodes of our podcast!  What has been your favorite, so far?

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Resources and Show Notes

Healthier in a Hurry (Part 1)

Healthier In a Hurry (Part 2)

Healthier in a Hurry  (Part 3)

Healthier in a Hurry (Spring 2022)

Breastfeeding Bloopers (Episode 23)

Discussion of Health at Every Size (Episode 59)

How to Raise an Intuitive Eater (Episode 89)

Gentle Nutrition with Elyse Resch (Episode 106)

Body Acceptance with Kristina Bruce (Episode 124)

Choosey Eaters with Sally Kuzemchak (Episode 128)


Barebells Nutrition Bars

Campfire Cones – Get a sugar cone, and fill it with candies, mini marshmallows and/or diced fruit such as strawberries.  Wrap in foil and put on a grate of a fire. Cook for about 2 minutes.  Open the foil and dig in!