Meet Gina

Gina has been a Registered Dietitian for over ten years and has worked in workplace wellness, as a grocery store dietitian and for the past six years as a campus dining dietitian, helping students who have food allergies, intolerances and Celiac Disease. A mom of two (Paige and Cameron), Gina enjoys date nights with her husband, Nick, getting out early for morning runs, traveling as much as possible, and exploring new foods and flavors at every turn.  Gina’s food philosophy is that “all foods fit” when it comes to a healthy diet; her favorite foods being crunchy peanut butter, specialty cheeses and Graeter’s ice cream. Gina works hard to be an intuitive eater while also adhering to a lower FODMAP diet for IBS symptoms. Gina encourages her kids and clients to aim to make half their plate fruits and/or vegetables and then go from there! Podcasting is a new and exciting adventure for Gina as years of blogging only heightened her interest and passion for scripting informative educational pieces for the masses.  She’s excited for you to come along on this new adventure with her!

Nicole and kids

Meet Nicole

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator by day and blogger, cookbook author, and podcast co-host by night. Since 2009, Nicole has been publishing lightened up favorites on her food and nutrition blog and published her first cookbook in 2013 and following it up with two more since. Passionate about delicious yet good-for-you food with a balance of things you love (for Nicole, that would be date night splurges and craft beer!), making overall health and wellness a priority over weight status – a message she wants passed on to her 2 young daughters, Shea and Piper. An avid hockey player, tennis novice, and Peloton enthusiast, Nicole enjoys exercise almost as much as she does food! Joining together with friend and co-host, Gina, has been an exciting new venture into the podcasting world – thanks so much for listening along!