Episode 130 – Granola Bar Taste Test

Granola bars: a healthy snack option or a glorified not-so-healthy option? What’s the different between a granola bar and a protein bar? Do we, as dietitian moms with an intuitive eating approach, put any framework around snacking for our kids? Join us as we taste 8 popular, commonly found granola bars on today’s show and discuss both flavor and nutritional merits…or lack thereof. Tune in to find out our unanimous vote on both nutrition AND flavor (dietitian moms and kids AGREE on this winner…what?!?!).

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Resources and Show Notes

Loom Bracelets

Gina’s Mom Win: 3 ounces whipped cream cheese to 8 ounces feta, on crusty bread with fire roasted tomatoes and drizzle of oil

Nicole’s Mom Win: Aldi’s Red Bag Chicken (Kirkwood)