Episode 160 – Snacks On The Go; Taste Test with Shea and Paige

It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from our oldest and wisest kids; Shea and Paige!  Today they are back to give us their opinions on some on the go snacks.  Join us with your own kids, and see if you can add to your ever dwindling list of kid-approved snacks!

Resources and Show Notes

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Test Test Foods

Clio Bars Average Taste Rating: 3.75 (Shea loved, Paige not so much)   Average Nutrition Rating: 3.25

Moon Cheese Average Taste Rating: 1  Average Nutrition Rating: 2

Bear Fruit Rolls Average Taste Rating: 3  Average Nutrition Rating: 4

Nature Valley Crunch Chocolate Granola Average Taste Rating: 4  Average Nutrition Rating: 3.5

Chobani Flips Average Taste Rating: 4  Average Nutrition Rating: 3

GoMacro Kids (PB and Chocolate) Average Taste Rating:  1  Average Nutrition Rating: 2

GoMacro Regular (Peanut Butter Chocolate) Average Taste Rating: 3.5  Average Nutrition Rating: 2.5

That’s It Bars Average Taste Rating: 2   Average Nutrition Rating: 3.25


Other Favorites

Sabra Hummus Cups

Oh SNAP! Pickled Vegetables

Peanut Butter Chocolate Wafter Bars

KIND Nut Butter Bars (soft)

On the go fruits: grapes, apples, pears, plums, bananas (with a to-go peanut butter cup)

Popcorn (including things like Chicka Boom!)


Mom Wins

Prevention RD Baked Dijon Salmon