Episode 145 – NA Beer and Mocktail Taste Test

Are you sober curious? More and more people are  still wanting to drink but curious about the other options out there for non-alcoholic beverages, and essentially drinking less.  Today we taste some NA beers and mocktails and give feedback on our favorites. Join us if you’d like, by buying all the beers listed below!


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Resources and Show Notes

Scores are out of 5

Athletic Brewing; Run Wild (Score: 3.5 Nicole and Gina)

Two Roots IPA (Score: 2.5 Nicole)

Brew Dog, Nanny State (Score: 1 Nicole and Gina)

Bravus Brewing IPA (Score: Amber ale (2) and IPA (2.5))

Other noteworthy beers;

Hairless Dog Brewing (Gina’s 5/5!)

Brooklyn Brewery 

Untitled Art


Mint Mojito and Mimosas

Kombucha (your favorite flavor) + sparkling water (plain or flavored) + a nice stemless wine glass, and a fruit garnish such as lemon or lime

Quit Like a Woman