Episode 143 – Self Care Series: Mom Guilt (vol. 2)

Today’s show is a part of our once-a-month self-care series where we’ll be focusing on a new area of self-care. Or…in today’s case, revisiting a big, ever-changing topic: mom guilt. Life gets overwhelming for all of us and the sense of getting lost in a sea of to-do’s, worry, and anxiety seems inevitable. Self care can be described as the active process of making your body and mind a pleasant place to inhabit, by filling your own cup up first which ensures you have enough to give others.

Today we’re talking about mom guilt, or perhaps more appropriately, “parent guilt” — that perpetual feeling that as a parent you’re not doing things right or are perhaps making decisions that may negatively impact or affect your child or children. We talk everything from comparing your parenting skills to others to what we feel guilt over — work, screen time, food, etc! Join for the discussion!

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Resources and Show Notes

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