Episode 101 – Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading, & Book Recommendations with Kelly Hiltz

It seems like only yesterday our moms were nagging us to read, read, read! Now, here we are, moms of two and finding ourselves doing the same.  Why is reading so important, and how do we get our kids to start reading and maybe even enjoy it? Join us as we talk to Kelly Hiltz, kindergarten teacher and mom of two. Kelly will give all the details on why reading is important, how to inspire reading amongst our kids, and some book recommendations that might entice our young ones to “pick up a book already”!

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Resources and Show Notes

Kelly’s Interviews with The Mom Hour:

Kindergarten Readiness & Parent Teacher Relationships (voices episode 23)

Freaking Out Less about Kindergarten, COVID Learning Loss & Elementary School Academics (voices episode 60).

You can find her on Instagram @askateachermom or on her blog

@askateachermom (Instagram)


Book Recommendations By Grade: 


Read Alouds

Beginning Readers/Early Chapter Books

Second and Third Grade

*Continue to read to them if they are still into it, choose books you both enjoy

*Allow them to fully choose their own independent books

Fourth and Fifth Grade

*thanks Amber for the recommendations @IowaAmberReads on instagram, lots of good middle grade and adult recommendations

Overdrive or Libby App to get audiobooks from the library
Scribd (9.99 a month for unlimited audiobooks and they have lots of great kids ones, also 1 month free trial)
Audiobooks my almost 2nd grader has enjoyed: Magic Tree House (series), Dory Fantasmagory (series) and Berenstain Bears (series)
Kelly also really likes Epic for Kids as a place to get e-books on a tablet or computer. They also have audiobooks and many of the books have a “read to me” option. Here are a few books I like on Epic, but you could get these other places too!
When the Cousins Came by Katie Yamasaki (read aloud for K-2)
Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty (read aloud for K-2 and series)
Alfie by Thyra Heder (read aloud for K-2)
Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel (series good for 1st-2nd grade)
Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows (series good for 2nd-3rd grade)