Episode 70 – Everyday Breast Cancer Prevention Tips from Breast Care Specialist Dr. Katherine Cyran

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Recently we spoke with breast specialist Dr. Katherine Cyran from Columbus, Ohio, about everything from soy and breast cancer, to what breast pain means, and when family history is really something about which to be concerned.  Tune in to learn which risk factors are really worth focusing on, and which you can throw out the window (hint: Gina might still be considering breast implants after this episode).


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Resources and Show Notes

Dr Cyran’s Website

Dr Cyran’s e-mail: kmcyran@kmcbreastcenter.com

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Heather Hirsch Podcast (Episode 33)

Scosche Heart Rate Monitor

Gina’s Fave New Recipe: Butternut Squash Lasagna!  I use this recipe from All Recipes and instead of lasagna noodles I use par-baked, thinly slided (1/2 inch or so) butternut squash.

Nicole’s Pressure Cooker Butter Chicken