Episode 43- Heart Health Updates and Controversies

It’s American Heart Month!  There is arguably no are of nutrition science that is more dynamic and ambiguous than that of heart health.  One day eggs are bad, the next day you should eat more. One day Statins should be in the water, the next day maybe they aren’t great for everyone.  One day we should be counting our saturated fat grams, the next day we should be adding lard to our food. What gives? Today we will hopefully clear up the facts and give you some practical advice for keeping the most important muscle in your body thriving.

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Resources and Show Notes

ASCVD 10-Year Risk Estimatory (for those 40+)

2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Carbohydrates and LDL Particle Size

Statins, should you take them?

The AHA Recommendations for Heart Health

Triglyceride/HDL Ratios (aim for less than 3, or closer to 1, they say. Gina thinks this will become more important to cardiologists in years to come!)

Cholesterol Clarity, by Jimmy Moore –Gina read this book and while she wasn’t sold on all they had to say (for example, promoting bacon over chicken breast, no, just no) it was full of good research to support the idea that heart risk may have more to do with carbohydrate intake than once thought (especially for those at higher risk and with a propensity towards higher blood sugars). Also discusses different labs to focus on other than just total cholesterol an LDL.

Good Calories Bad Calories – another book Gina read several years ago, full of really good information that might get you thinking.

Favorite New Recipes or Products

Slow Cooker Tater Tot Taco Casserole

Kale Chips: Buy the already chopped and washed kale, lay out on a pan, spray with some oil, top with salt and pepper, heat at about 400-425 for 15-25 minutes (check regularly, and mix half way)