Episode 29 – Myth Busting on Soy

Soy: it’s certainly a controversial food. What is considered a “serving” of soy? We talk everything from GMOs to breast cancer while addressing 5 common myths surrounding soy and isoflavones from the latest research. A timely topic for Breast Cancer Awareness month – you’re sure to learn something new!

“Soy isn’t a miracle food, but it isn’t a villain, either.” – Today’s Dietitian Carol Meerschaert, MBA, RD

Resources and Show Notes

The Top 5 Soy Myths, Today’s Dietitian

Soy and Breast Cancer – An In-Depth Review of the Research. Kylie Buchan, RD and Angela Hummel, RDN. Today’s Dietitian. 2018.

Recipe: Weeknight Saucy Pineapple BBQ Chicken Bowls