Episode 27 – Interview with Certified Sleep Consultant (tips for babies, toddler and adults!)

That first year postpartum is so special, but can you imagine how different it might be if you actually caught some sleep every once in a while?  Imagine if you started each day fully charged because your baby actually slept through the night (we’re talking after those first six or so months, when they actually have to wake up to stay nourished).  Today’s episode highlights some helpful tips you can use today to help your baby (or toddler) be a better sleeper.  In the long run, their good sleep habits will improve their health, not to mention your health (must we get into the negative health effects of sleep deprivation??).

Let Halle Markwas, a Columbus, Ohio based sleep consultant, provide you with some tips you may never have known you needed!  Don’t have babies or toddlers anymore? Still tune in, she’s got tips for adults too, because no matter where you are in life you may need some assistance falling asleep, staying asleep and getting those dreams in.


Resources/Show Notes

Website:  https://sleepwiseconsulting.com/halle-markwas/ 

E-mail: hmarkwas@sleepwiseconsulting.com

Instagram: @the_sleep_bae

Halle’s Favorite Sleep Products:

Zipadee-Zip (after swaddle and up to 3 years)
Zen Evo Melatonin Chocolates (Gina’s favorite melatonin. She insists even 1 mg of this is helpful!)