Episode 22 – Q&A; Do Dietitians Feel Judged by What They Eat? Do I Drink Too Much? Does Activated Charcoal Work? Do I Need a Rest Day? And more!

Welcome to our second installment of Ask the RDs anything!  Seriously, you’ve asked some great questions and we had so much fun answering them!  Please keep them coming and we will save them for our next Q&A!

How many drinks really is TOO much?
Yes, sometimes we feel judged by the food choices we make as RDs, but our food philosophy is that all food fits, and we practice what we preach.

Resources/Show Notes

Statement on alcohol from the American Society of Clinical Psychology

Activated Charcoal

More on Activated Charcoal (it doesn’t detox)

Activated Charcoal is for BBQ, not Your Body

Clio Snacks (Gina’s latest obsession)

Nugo Slim Bars (Gina’s favorite lower sugar protein bar)

KIND Pressed Bars (dipped in chocolate!)

Chobani Yogurt, Less Sugar

Beanitos Tortilla Chips (made with beans!)

Kodiak Muffin in a Cup 

Vitamin D drops for infants and toddlers

PCOS information from Julie Duffy Dillon

Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. by John Grey PhD