Episode 21 – Wearables, Fitness Trackers, and Our Fitness Routines (Kids, Too!)

More and more people are using wearable devices while fitness tracker popularity plummets. What’s our take on wearables such as the Apple watch and FitBit? We’re good people to ask since we both wear one or the other! We share details about our fitness routines and our approaches to keeping our children active and well. Join us in discussing this hot industry trend and a chat all about activity!

Resources and Show Notes

FDMX Fitness – HIIT workouts

Millionaire Hoy – Advanced HIIT workouts

HASfit workouts 

Shelly Dose Fitness – HIIT workouts

Cosmic Yoga (Netflix)

Ruby Red Grapefruit Rose

KIND Pressed Bars w/ Chocolate

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Exercise Guidelines