Episode 10 – Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

April is IBS Awareness Month.  You’ve probably heard of the low FODMAP diet, but have you ever been curious about what it is and who might benefit from it?  Gina has been following this diet for over ten years and truly believes it has helped attenuate her IBS symptoms.  Learn more on today’s episode!

Resources/Show Notes

https://www.katescarlata.com/ –> The American low FODMAP guru

https://www.monashfodmap.com/  –> This is where it all began! Great resources here

http://candidrd.com/info/low-fodmaps –> Gina’s blog with some helpful tips and recipes

http://tinyurl.com/y2seop6e  –> More recipes (Rachel Pauls)

https://sunfiber.com/ –> low FODMAP prebiotics

https://regulargirl.com/ –> low FODMAP prebiotics/probiotics


www.fodyfoods.com  -> Fody Foods makes some good low FODMAP products!

https://casadesante.com/ –> low FODMAP spices and spice mixes

https://www.ibsfree.net/  –> Link to low FODMAP RDs in your area

  • Apps for low FODMAP diets include the Monash University app and the FODMAP Grocery Guide
  • Contact Gina via FB or Instagram (CandidRD) if you have quesitons, or contact Dietitians Dish Podcast via FB or IG!